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Schwarzenegger Say "No Illegitimate Kids, Just Parents"

UNITED STATES - Schwarzenegger Say "No Illegitimate Kids, Just Parents". The recent headlines about Arnold Schwarzenegger infidelity and son of the marriage have provoked a lot of old memories and stirring emotions.

I was four years old when I learned I was adopted. It was just before the eighth anniversary of my sister Maureen. I told her: "I know what you get for your birthday."

"Do not spoil the secret," she said. "If you tell me, I will tell you a secret!"
Well, that was the wrong thing to say! I had to know what they think of me! I said, "You're a blue dress for her birthday."

Maureen said: "And you will be accepted."

I ran to our mother, Jane Wyman, to the cave to see. I asked, "What is 'adopted'?"

Mama's eyes flashed dangerously. "Where did this word mean?" She asked.

After my mother finished dealing with Maureen, she sat me down and explained the adoption to me. "You are a chosen child," she said, "and that makes you special. We love you very much."

I could say that his "chosen" was a good thing. But I also realized for the first time my mother was not "real" mother, I have a mother who had been mysterious to me, was gone.

On one day when I was in second grade, I got into a playground fight with another boy. We changed one upping each other. "I'm better than you," I said. "I'm especially because I voted, I was allowed!"

The other boy did not know this answer, but the next day he returned to school and laughed at me. "My parents told me was 'adopted' means," he said. "You're not that special one you Bastard! Your birth mother was not married, so that gave them away.

That's when I knew it was something terribly wrong with me. I never ask boasted "elected" and I never felt "special". But I feel that I noticed.

arnold schwarzenegger workouts
I asked myself: "Why is my biological mother gave me away it's because I'm an people War?" I thought Mama could not know, I was outside marriage, or they would not have introduced me. And I did not want them to find out!

When I got home, I went to the library, where Mama always a big leather-bound Bible. She had told me that the Bible had all the answers. I was seven years old and had never read the Bible on my own, so I turned to the back of the Bible to see if an index exists. Sure enough, I found the concordance.

I searched for the word "bastard" and there it was. Moses instructed the concordance hours 11:02 p.m., where I read: "A bastard shall not in the church of the Lord, even his tenth generation, he is not in the church of the Lord."

My heart froze. I just meant these words: "A bastard can never go to heaven A bastard is damned to hell, and so did his children and grandchildren to the tenth generation .."

I hit the book, and I did not open the Bible more than 25 years. Of course, this verse had nothing to do with heaven or hell, but as a seven year old could understand such things?

I thought ", why my biological mother of one child Nobody wants me going to hell and my mother is so religious I am, when they go to hell, they will not find me!" So, at the age of seven years, I began to hate myself and God.

The story of my spiritual and emotional redemption is "two times are required." In my book But the story I'm thinking, is the painful story of the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I keep hearing chatter heads on television, referring to the boy as Schwarzenegger's "illegitimate" son. It makes my blood boil. Listen, there's no such thing as an illegitimate child. There are only illegal parents.

And Arnold, I hope you read: Your son is not the bastard. You're the war. You are illegitimate parents.

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I'm not saying that to offend you. I say it for your own good. I say it because you need to face these facts. You're a jerk, until now, but you can change that. You can man. You can apologize to your son to see him, him to admit that you do not promise to love Him, and begin to protect him from ridicule.

The boy needs attention and affirmation from his father. Why? Because the bastards in the media have gone after him, publishing horrible, humiliating stories, using his pictures on the Internet that his ridicule at school.

Arnold, have you ever played a hero in the film. But now the whole world knows only one note how a real hero for a change?

It's time to quit, start a bastard and a father.
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