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Moammar Khadafi Families demanded NATO to Court

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moammar khadafi
Libya - Moammar Khadafi Families demanded NATO to the International Criminal Court (ICC). They accuse the North Atlantic defense alliance that committed war crimes and causing the death of the former Libyan leader.

"We reserve the right to call the International Criminal Court to investigate the whole incident from February 2011 to murder Gaddafi," said one family member Gaddafi, Marcel Ceccaldi dilaansir pages as CNN.

NATO has responded to Gaddafi's family demands. They said the military operation in Libya have been in line with UN Security Council resolution. NATO officials say there is no specific individual targets in their operations.

Previously, the ICC ordered the arrest of Gaddafi. Leaders called it true dictator planned to be brought to justice-related crimes against humanity. However, in reality, Khadafi died with tragic.

Currently, the ICC has also issued an arrest warrant Gaddafi son, Saif al-Islam and his half-brother, Abdullah al-Sanussi.
khadafi family

Death Gaddafi is still polemical. Because the video circulated when Gaddafi was arrested. The video showed Gaddafi was arrested in injured condition is severe, but still alive.

In such conditions, the troops joined in persecuting rebel groups Gaddafi. Until now, there has been no explanation related to that event.
moammar khadafi family

VIDEO: Funeral Marco Simoncelli ( Super SIC )

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funeral simoncelli
Coriano, ITALIA - Thursday evening October 27, 2011, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Coriano, Italy, packed with thousands of people. They were packed neatly in the church and in the streets. All eyes fixed on the corpse and prayers Italian, Marco Simoncelli, who died at the Grand Prix of Malaysia October 23, 2011.

As reported by Rai Sport, friend to the fans gathered around the tiny church in Coriano it. Giant screens are also scattered in several places including at the Misano circuit.
funeral marco simoncelli

Seen also the stars of MotoGP, Valentino Rossi, Loris Capirossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Andrea Dovizioso, Hiroshi Aoyama, Mattia Pasini and Raffaele de Rosa give their last respects. Italian racing legend, Giacomo Agostini with representatives of HRC, Shuhei Nakamoto and Livio Suppo appear among the mourners. In fact, Agostini and Capirossi continued to shed tears during the funeral procession.

The event Simoncelli funeral procession had begun at 15.00 Italian time. Mass led Bishop of the Province of Rimini, Francesco Lambiasi. Sorrow more profound when the bishop gave farewell speeches.

When the coffin was carried out of the church, applause. Ceaseless applause greeted rider's body flamboyant 24-year-old. Giant balloons with No. 58 and the words "SIC 'released into the air. The father, Paolo can not help sadly.

Simoncelli was killed in a deadly incident at the Sepang Circuit after he fell before it finally hit by two riders, Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. Severe injury to the chest, neck and head make the lives of these young drivers can not be saved.
marco simoncelli funeral

Here VIDEO: Funeral Simoncelli.

International Leaked Video Funeral Moammar Khadafi

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moammar khadafi
LIBYA - Television station Al-Alaan, Saudi Arabia showed an amateur video footage is claimed to contain burial preparation Moammar Gaddafi, son Moassim, and Defense Minister Abu Bakr Yunis in the Sahara desert. This sparked uproar in cash.

As the Daily Telegraph published on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, video image quality is not that great it shows a funeral ceremony near the town of Misrata. Highlighted an open coffin containing the corpse Gaddafi camera, Moassim, and Yunis.

The crate is used retrieved from hiding places Gaddafi handed over to the two members of the National Transitional Council. They then held a funeral ceremony in an undisclosed desert.

VIDEO: Funeral Moammar Khadafi

In the video, a cleric who is believed to be Khaled Tantoush close to Gaddafi, seemed to pray corpse. Tantoush prayers in a dimly lit room with several people witnessed.

Two cousins ​​Gaddafi, namely Dhao Ibrahim Mansour and Ahmed Ibrahim reportedly also follow the prayers. They both got arrested with Gaddafi when NATO bombed a convoy of vehicles leaving the Sirte.
moammar khadafi dead

Honda Gresini Facilitate Marco Simoncelli Motors

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ITALIA - Attention will be focused on the people of Italian MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli's funeral today, Thursday, October 27, 2011 local time. Three television stations will broadcast live has ensured Super Sic's funeral procession, the nickname that had been pinned on Simoncelli.

Love of the fans and the general public to the deceased there was clearly illustrated Simoncelli Simoncelli when the bodies arrived in Italy on Tuesday. More than 10 thousand fans packed the funeral home Simoncelli in Coriano, Italy, Wednesday.

Reported Motorcyclenews, three television stations namely RAI, Sky Sport Italia 1 and certainly will broadcast live the funeral procession Simoncelli. Simoncelli own funeral procession will be held on Thursday, October 27, 2011 promptly at 3 pm Italian time at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Coriano.

Besides centralized at the Church of Santa Maria Assumption, thousands of fans Simoncelli will also gathered near the Circuit Misano Adriatico, Italy. They will witness the funeral procession of the idol with a giant screen that has been available.
simoncelli crash

"Maybe we did not realize how much he was loved. We think we know but their love is really great. It is truly incredible scenery though we feel the pain inside," said Gresini team manager Fausto Gresini.

Simoncelli died after deadly accident took his life at the Malaysian Grand Prix. 24-year racer dies after chest, head and neck were seriously injured after motorcycle hit by Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi at the Sepang Circuit.
simoncelli father's

Minggu, 25 September 2011

Secrets leak WP, Microsoft Fire Employees

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WASHINGTON - Microsoft fired an employee for leaking secret Windows Phone Nokia mobile phone via Twitter.

As quoted from the Information Age, Monday (09/26/2011), Microsoft fired employees for having ngetweet on Windows Phone Nokia mobile phone that has not been launched.

Joe Marini, Program Manager on the Windows team Phone, ngetweet about impresinya on Windows Phone Nokia mobile phone that has not been released.

"I just got a chance to try the phone # Nokia is the smoothest I've ever seen. As soon as possible you will also be able to try it!" Marini writes via his Twitter account.

state employees
"Overall I give the value of 8. Grip that fits, good camera, the user interface is responsive and a good touch on the construction design," he added.

Geekwire, who first published the story, reported that Marini out after leaking information to social media.

"We are routinely told that Microsoft is not concerned about personal problems, but I can confirm that Joe Marini no longer work at Microsoft," said one Microsoft spokesman, said in a statement.

Nokia previously said that their smart phones based on Windows will be launched later this year.

Complete Results the 6 Jornada La Liga

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JAKARTA - Just like in Serie A, La Liga 2011/2012 season started to pull into the sixth jornada. A number of big teams began to show tajinya. Meanwhile, Valencia who had mastered the top of the standings, had to lose his throne.

Los Che have lost his throne after the hosts defeated Sevilla with a thin score 0-1. Failed to win in the last two games to make the position of Valencia slipped to fifth, which stood at 10 points, or two points adrift of the new Real Betis will play his fifth game contra Getafe, Tuesday (27/9/2011) early day.

Real Madrid failed to reap victories in the last two games, finally able to reap the full points at home to promotion club, Rayo Vallecano. Unmitigated, El Real with a 6-2 goal feast, in which three goals were born of mainstay players, Cristiano Ronaldo (two penalties). This victory brought the Madrid perched at number five, which stood at 10 points.

Not to be outdone by its chief rival, the defending champions Barcelona are also picking the maximum points the previous week after the offset of Valencia. Barca successfully achieve full points are crucial, because the win over a strong team, Atletico Madrid. In this 5-0 win, Lionel Messi did not want to lose with Ronaldo, scoring a hat trick. With a collection of 11 points, Barca are now surging to second.

la liga league
While in the game on Sunday-Monday morning, made a surprise return Levante. After two weeks ago and continued to beat Real Madrid win over Rayo Vallecano, this Valencia team shirts recorded his third victory by beating Espanyol 3-1. This victory was successfully boosted into the top position of Levante. Levante stalking Barca in third place, which stood at the same points (11), only goal difference.

Full results jornada to-6 La Liga:
Game day Saturday and early Sunday:

Sevilla 1-0 Valencia
Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Villarreal
Real Madrid 6-2 Rayo Vallecano
Barcelona 5-0 Atletico Madrid

Game Sunday-Monday morning:
Mallorca 2-1 Real Sociedad
Levante 3-1 Espanyol
Granada 1-1 Osasuna
Sporting Gijon 0-0 Racing Santander
Real Zaragoza 0-0 Malaga

Is Really Yahoo Will early 2012 for Sale ???

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CALIFORNIA - Email a leak from one of the founders of Yahoo to their employees indicates that Yahoo will likely be sold within the next few months.

As quoted from Neowin, Sunday (25/09/2011), when Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz sacked earlier this month, co-founder Jerry Yang, had earlier told employees that the company will not be sold. Maybe it will change, because the Business Insider reported that a leaked email this week from Yahoo's Yang to all employees indicating that the company is considering going interest from buyers.

"The adviser continues to work with us to develop ideas that we think is good. They also said several parties had expressed interest," Yang wrote in his email to Yahoo employees.

yahoo finance
Rumors also mention earlier this month that Microsoft may be (re) interested in buying Yahoo, something that once they try a few years ago and failed. Yang also responded to some of the rumors that Yahoo buy back busy lately via email.

"There will be lots of rumors and speculation in the media, as has been scheduled by the various parties. It's important for us to not be affected on rumor and speculation," added Yang.

It seems that Yang and Yahoo's board wanted to ensure the best for the company. "Even now we walk in the circumstances a bit precarious, but the recovery process will take a monthly rather than weekly. We believe that the process is feasible for the highly anticipated," he concluded.