Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

International Leaked Video Funeral Moammar Khadafi

moammar khadafi
LIBYA - Television station Al-Alaan, Saudi Arabia showed an amateur video footage is claimed to contain burial preparation Moammar Gaddafi, son Moassim, and Defense Minister Abu Bakr Yunis in the Sahara desert. This sparked uproar in cash.

As the Daily Telegraph published on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, video image quality is not that great it shows a funeral ceremony near the town of Misrata. Highlighted an open coffin containing the corpse Gaddafi camera, Moassim, and Yunis.

The crate is used retrieved from hiding places Gaddafi handed over to the two members of the National Transitional Council. They then held a funeral ceremony in an undisclosed desert.

VIDEO: Funeral Moammar Khadafi

In the video, a cleric who is believed to be Khaled Tantoush close to Gaddafi, seemed to pray corpse. Tantoush prayers in a dimly lit room with several people witnessed.

Two cousins ​​Gaddafi, namely Dhao Ibrahim Mansour and Ahmed Ibrahim reportedly also follow the prayers. They both got arrested with Gaddafi when NATO bombed a convoy of vehicles leaving the Sirte.
moammar khadafi dead
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