Minggu, 25 September 2011

Is Really Yahoo Will early 2012 for Sale ???

CALIFORNIA - Email a leak from one of the founders of Yahoo to their employees indicates that Yahoo will likely be sold within the next few months.

As quoted from Neowin, Sunday (25/09/2011), when Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz sacked earlier this month, co-founder Jerry Yang, had earlier told employees that the company will not be sold. Maybe it will change, because the Business Insider reported that a leaked email this week from Yahoo's Yang to all employees indicating that the company is considering going interest from buyers.

"The adviser continues to work with us to develop ideas that we think is good. They also said several parties had expressed interest," Yang wrote in his email to Yahoo employees.

yahoo finance
Rumors also mention earlier this month that Microsoft may be (re) interested in buying Yahoo, something that once they try a few years ago and failed. Yang also responded to some of the rumors that Yahoo buy back busy lately via email.

"There will be lots of rumors and speculation in the media, as has been scheduled by the various parties. It's important for us to not be affected on rumor and speculation," added Yang.

It seems that Yang and Yahoo's board wanted to ensure the best for the company. "Even now we walk in the circumstances a bit precarious, but the recovery process will take a monthly rather than weekly. We believe that the process is feasible for the highly anticipated," he concluded.
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