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Samsung Nexus S 4G, Speeds on Sprint

ORLANDO - United States T-Mobile Samsung Nexus S 4G. T-Mobile which Google may in turn support its 'pure' Android phones? What about Sprint? Sprint and Samsung today announced the Nexus S 4G, Sprint Android Google phone and first bred the first Android phone with WiMAX camp.

Geeks and developers, such as Android camp "for a number of reasons. Inventory Android phones are new versions of Android, first, because they do not spend months manufacturers overlays reprogrammed. They are easily hacked and developers happy because they are good with the Google Developer Tools interface. Some say that Google stock is more elegant experience as a manufacturer such as HTC superimposed Sense, but this is a matter of taste.

"Sprint customers will receive a Nexus S 4G of the first Android software upgrades and new Google mobile applications. In many cases, the device updates and new applications will become available as soon as they get," Sprint said in a statement.

samsung nexus s 4g
The Nexus S 4G is exactly what it sounds. It seems that T-Mobile Samsung Nexus S, an elegant black top with a slightly curved 800-by-480, 4-inch display, and the 1-GHz processor and other features are similar to the popular S series Samsung Galaxy. The S Nexus 2.3 is now the only Android phone in the market, and the only phone available retail in the U.S. on NFC technology, said the banks can be used for mobile payments must be used in the future.

As the name implies, this phone also has Sprint's 4G WiMAX, the phone should at a rate of 3-8Mbps download in approximately one third of the United States. The phone works on 3G CDMA network, Sprint offers Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, 3G or 4G Mobile HotSpot steps up to five devices. There are 16 GB of memory onboard.

promotes Sprint's press release of the Nexus-S is also strongly Voice Google, Google's system for using a phone to multiple devices and the Web.

"Customers of Sprint in the S Nexus able to use their current phone number if your Google Sprint's wireless voice number simply without their number port fees and possible service interruptions to avoid," says the Sprint press release.

nexus s 4g
Is the turning point for Google to Sprint as the preferred developer partner for a phone? Maybe. Note that the use of the vast majority of phones in the world of GSM-CDMA technology instead of Sprint and Google will still make Nexus phones for the GSM world. AT & T to merge and T-Mobile will be the only national U. S. GSM carriers. This means that Google probably with AT & T, whether to continue or not.

Sprint Nexus S available "this spring" for $ 199.99 with a two-year contract, Sprint says. I'm going hands-on with the new phone later this week here at the CTIA trade show in Orlando.

The Samsung Nexus S produced was the end of 2010, a device that was much hype on a primary share, but was confirmed by a 2011 smartphone countless versions beefier hardware profiles to drive as well as heftier campaign. Google will embody a trend Nexus HTC-made smartphone Nexus One, which was high after the poor sales as much as half-hearted acceptance of a ubiquitous public.If a Google-branded inscription hits the market as a disaster, this would Google does not surf in the primary input side of the outside manufacturer

The inscription would end by mid-summer to early autumn, to reimbursement of the tech site Mobile Review. One caveat: LG phone, there are usually a history can be used internally by Google to develop so remarkably by The Boy Genius Report. The website is no requirement that the sum of all services or hardware specifications for a device speculation

The device is an LG-made "Nexus" tablet, up to date with Google's signature product name for a collaboration with hardware manufacturers, eccentric, one says

Google has a separate entrance in a hardware intriguing inscription Android Marketplace, in cooperation with device manufacturers LG, according to this information Monday morning

Korean manufacturer LG tablet wiring can create a Google-branded "Nexus" operational

The phone is now on the internet for pre-order at Best Buy stores only.This Chronicle of a Nexus S will run on Sprint's 4G WiMax network, and sets $ 200 with a two-year price, as well as Sprint All data "Subscription".

google nexus s 4g
The Chronicles of a 3G-S Nexus primary T-Mobile network in December, debuted fanfare than many current Chronicle Google Android presented during a time series s 4g (gingerbread). The hardware specifications of both T-Mobile's 3G as well as Sprint's 4G versions were appropriate - a hummingbird-GHz processor, Super-4-inch AMOLED display, sixteen GB Peep mental recall as well as a much hyped close margin information exchnage (NFC) capability - although of course usually have a Chronicle input 4G 4G Sprint network

The boat was abandoned after the date change "coming soon", to establish a dealer website and a speaker for Sprint to support price alternative to recover the amount as "one spring.Sightings 6 April delivery were spotted on the website Best Buy Mobile by sunrise Monday to burn

The Chronicle of Sprint 4G Samsung Nexus S Android smartphone on the boat to inform planned this week by Best Buy stores, according to a published Monday.
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