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Kung Fu Panda 2 Box Office Record

LOS ANGELES - United States for Kung Fu Panda 2 Box Office. Kung Fu Panda 2 Box Office involved in the screening of two potential blockbuster of the summer, "The Hangover Part II", and "Kung Fu Panda 2" the box office record at the Memorial Day weekend was shocked how close the pair score a double victory at the box office derby.

"The Hangover, Part II," a comedy of Legendary / Warner Bros., which is open to a broad release on Friday, won 3615 cinemas across Canada and the United States as the largest ever for an opening R-rated. Warner Bros. estimated that the film would gross $ 87,000,000 during the four-day trip in a number of the weekend U.S. box office landing. Overall, the continuation of the "hangover" franchise on the road to rake in 118 million U.S. dollars over four days .

The film of the highest R-Rated Opening boasted over the years replaced Sex and the City (2008) with $ 26,700,000 in second place after "The Matrix Reloaded" ($ 91,800,000), eight years ago to North America box office authority.

kung fu panda 2 movie 2011 box office record
After estimated proceeds of the 2011 Memorial Day weekend was opened in a new box office record as a total of 270 million U.S. dollars in ticket sales is expected to harvest a previous record set shuttering of 254 million U.S. dollars for four years ago when a trio of blockbusters like ' Pirates of the Caribbean 3, "" Shrek 3 "and" Spider-Man 3 was "a top box office winner of the Derby.

The sequel to the original 2009 film tells how a trio of friends, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Doug (Justin Bartha) with experience in exotic Thailand for the wedding of Stu's. Exit polls showed that 51 percent of viewers were women and 41 percent were between 18 and 24. The film received generally negative reviews added. "Rotten Tomatoes", a review aggregator, is a result of 35 percent based on 176 reviews from critics with an average rating of 4.9 out of 10. Critics agree that the film was "a cruel, dark, ranzigste copy of the first tranche" and "the element of surprise is missing - and most of the joy -. helped the original a hit"

"Kung Fu Panda 2," an animated film and the sequel to 2008 "Kung Fu Panda," is estimated at $ 48,000,000 Action of 3925 places instead of number two. Although his slick rival overshadowed his "The Hangover, Part II, "The film has won many school children as Memorial Day began to break. It was basically received positive reviews, with many critics praising the animation, 3D effects and character development. Rotten Tomatoes, there was a" Certified Fresh "score of 80 percent, based on 99 reviews from critics and an average rating of 7 10. According to the website state that the film critics plenty of action, comedy offers, and to compensate for visual beauty, "although like the storyline a bit familiar for fans of the original.

funnies kung fu panda 2 new movie
"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides', the fourth successor of the successful" Pirates "franchise from the Walt Disney Studios, pulled in 39 million U.S. dollars in the Friday-Sunday period, ending in third place instead. It is track to gross $ 153,000,000 in 10 days. In fourth place is "bridesmaids", an R-rated comedy on the universal female audience, with 16 million U.S. dollars in movie ticket receipts totaling $ 85,000,000 in three days. " Thor, a superhero Paramount drama was at $ 9,400,000 per film stubs fifth. It was taken in $ 159,700,000 in four weeks.

Jennifer Yuh Nelson, the director of the new animated film "Kung Fu Panda 2" could be destined for a career in the photos.

After emigrating to the United States from South Korea with her parents and two sisters when she was 4, spent her childhood in Nelson Lakewood, Calif., watching martial arts movies, playing with cars and drawing.

She would sit at the kitchen table for hours and draw their mother, they copy each stroke. Nelson traces the origin of their career to the formative experiences of family.

"Growing up, my sisters and I always talk stories," said Nelson, 39, during lunch with the commissioner of the DreamWorks Animation campus. "One of my frustrations, I knew nothing about cameras. I did not know how to make a film, and I obviously do not. A special effects budget, I was a child. So I was learning to be spent on the things that my head was that I could not afford to actually do so. "

Nelson conceived the story for "Kung Fu Panda 2", continuing the adventures Pummel Panda Po (voiced by Jack Black) follows. And now she is only the first woman to direct an animated feature from a major Hollywood studios.

Despite Kathryn Bigelow with director Oscar in 2010 for "The Hurt Locker 'women claimed still a rarity in the ranks of Hollywood filmmakers, only 7 percent of the area, according to a recent survey by the Center for the Study of the freed women Movie and Television in San Diego State University. In the world of animation, the lack of female directors is more pronounced.

Nelson is one of the four women, a function in her home studio DreamWorks Animation addressed - even though their contemporaries, their work shared with at least one male counterpart. And although the main competitors of the company, Pixar Animation Studios has 11 films to meet published, none were directed or coordinated under the leadership of a woman.

"There are not many female artists in history, and it is beyond me," said Nelson. "There are many children in the school that his wife, and I wonder where they all go? People have to ask me, what have you done?" I really do not know. I puttered along, doing my thing and sex has never been a problem. "

Nelson spent a brief time on television before March 1998 DreamWorks storyboard artist on "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" move quickly through the ranks at the head of the history. "Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas" became.

director of kung fu panda 2
Nelson was signed as head of story on "Kung Fu Panda 'and she also led the opening scene of the film, two minutes by hand, highly graphical 2-D segment, not CG animation presented, and was strongly influenced by influenced classic anime stylings. It was a test of a type that set producer Melissa Cobb and DreamWorks Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg to determine not whether Nelson, the challenge - they were sure - but give Nelson a chance to to prove that she could lead a large group.

As Cobb and Katzenberg Nelson asked to give "Kung Fu Panda 2" Nelson had their original idea of ​​a director to reconcile, if someone more tyrannical, more subdued with their own personality.

"I am a quiet person voice. I do not think throwing furniture. I do not think, tantrums," said Nelson. "As a director, your job is to protect this movie with your life. Keep it away from anything that would take its course and turn beige. You have to be very cruel, and that the hardest part for me was because I am not used to cry. "

"What I always so amazing is that over Jenny in this beautiful, soulful, soothing voice, elegant lady of this macho, kung-fu action-loving dynamo," said Katzenberg. "It is the opposite of what we have with the world, the macho exterior and marshmallow use your center. It is much more a sect that the state of our artists. They all want to work with her."
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