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Angelina Jolie, Perfect Kung Fu Panda 2

LOS ANGELES - United States for Angelina Jolie Watch Kung Fu Panda 2. Angelina Jolie with an Oscar recognition, Brad Pitt as Beau, and a face like everyone on the planet, Angelina Jolie is not easy to get confused.

Stick her in a recording studio with her children, however, and it is a clash of nerves.

"They know when mom funny when mom and not funny," she says over tea at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel says.

Jolie, opposite Jack Black Stars in Kung Fu Panda 2 (in theaters May 26) says that her six children Maddox, 9 Pax, seven, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 4, and twins Knox and Vivienne, two programs and the set was "a part of agents, managers attended."

"They will sit in a room and say," This is not funny, "Jolie, 35, says of the brood, half of whom are adopted and half of their biological and Pitt. Jonge control, she says," You keep it is competitive, even if they think Jack Black is always cool as a mother. "

The film, a follow-up to the 2008 animated hit, combines Jolie, black, and stars like Dustin Hoffman and Jackie Chan. Analysts expect the 200 million U.S. dollars and cash Hollywood Eclipse substandard spring at the box office.

angelina jolie and jack black
But for Jolie and Black, as the movie some unexpected parental moments.

Jolie and Pitt worried that the sequel, acceptance and nontraditional family addresses, it would be the tensions in the household, especially when the adopted children. She braced for a sit-down, that never came.

Black, 41 used the movie with his sons Thomas, 4, and Samuel, 2, does not know that the title character, Po Panda come.

"The child just Kung Fu Panda think a real," he says. "But we act in our own scenes, go to our own adventures, the story is a bit incoherent;. We often forget our mission by the time we are in the living room but we do not care I get my kids are funnier than. . I am. "
Big shoes

Make a funny movie than its predecessor, is a major challenge for director Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who served as an artist on the original film. This film brought 632 million U.S. dollars at home and abroad, making it the third largest film worldwide in 2008.

Jolie and Black as nervous about the achievement of these songs again, it is not showing.

angelina jolie and brad pitt in kung fu panda 2
Both say that the decision to do a follow-up was a breeze. How many parents are Hollywood stars, to casting animated films, not just something with their children, but also to impress them.

The original film was one of the kids' favorite movies, "says Jolie.

Panda 2 on a movie like "the children," she says. "If you care for your children, you know something you will be better than the first make sure that it what they want -.. And you have enough good will"

Alternatively, an Oscar (for 1999's Girl, Interrupted), but Jolie asked on a regular basis during the shooting, whether it was good enough. Men can be just like her voice. Jolie hates it.

"You know, when your own voice, it can get quite boring and uninteresting to hear," she says. "Suddenly, you get very shy, your voice is not enough, because I'm not musical, and I do not know my voice."

Black's sitting up as Jolie talks about her early auditions for voice-over work. She says she was so nervous about jobs, dozens of crazy voices they plucked from the air, including a crude imitation of Mae West brought.

"You mean, like," Come and see me sometimes? "Black asks in a hoarse breath.

"That sounds more like Bogart do Mae West," says Jolie. Black rolls his eyes. "Uh, that was Bogart in drag."
Mutual admiration

Although they do not even share the soundstage in movies Panda 2, the film is the third animated film they did together. Before the original Panda, both in the 2004 Shark Tale linked.

The years have a relationship between the two, one thing is, they began introducing them seven years ago in Cannes for Shark Tale.

"I loved him," says Jolie. "I had seen him in everything he had done, but what I really knew was music." Black is half of the mock rock duo Tenacious D, whose melodies are Wonderboy, Rock Your Socks and Kyle left the band.

"When I was surprised for the first time Angie, I knew by her beauty,"alt="kungfu panda movies june 2011" he says. "She has a strong presence."

"I have no musical talent, so I always thought it was really cool that he is an actor, a lot of us, but as a rock star," she says.

Black, who is usually quick with a retort, clearly shocked by the fandom.

How can you say? If black is nervous, he sincerely.

And a picture to be friendly. During her introduction, took Black Shark Tale and co-star Will Smith for merging its printed on a ride along the Mediterranean coast in a boat like a shark to hawk the film.

"In a sandwich down between me and Will," Black recalls. "We wanted to do, but you were the only one who said," Uh, guys, I'm not sure. "But we believe you."

"I do not think I would have let you go alone," she says. "That would just looked too weird."

Black nodded. "Yes, should it have the dynamics of the shoot."

So that their yin and yang personalities was an element of the franchise.
"On topic"

Black is all kinetic energy, on screen and behind the microphone.

"Jack it all works," says director Nelson remembers the days when Black, all Kung-Fu movements of his cartoon doppelganger try. "He was a judge in the sweat."

Jolie, meanwhile, provided a tenor reserved for the warrior and at the same tigress advice behind the scenes to Nelson. The director said she knew the story of Po search for his biological father was hit with a string Jolie.

"She is so close to the matter we had to treat it with much respect," says Nelson. "Actually, a large part of the team had the experience of adoption had a positive response to what we did."

kungfu panda 2 2011 in los angeles
Inside, Jolie was nervous, especially when she and Pitt with the kids to the DreamWorks studio to an unfinished print of the film.

"I wondered how they would react to the themes of the film," she says, adding that she and Pitt were "sensitive, to see if there is a great discussion this evening about adoption and orphanages."
"Our target group

Was not. "But that's because we talk about these issues in my house all the time, very open. We had this debate many times, they are so happy, wonderful conversations."

It made Jolie grateful to the children regularly recording sessions.

"We have kids of all ages," says Jolie. "So we joked that we had our own audience."

A fearless one, apparently. Jolie says they are ready at the start of sessions for their children, was impatient to see her to speak into a microphone.

But it was live-action theater. "If they are there and it makes you listen kung-fu noises and jumping around, you can see them giggling through the glass," she says. "We want the next party."

Compete and sometimes violent. Jolie says that while the cast of Kung Fu Panda has made his own mob family, rivalry surfaces occasionally at home. "The kids do not understand," she says. "They like Tigress, though they may not know why. Getting the older kids. Zahara does Tiger."

Pandas, too. Jolie admits she tried to children vary from team to team Po Tigress.

"Oh, there is a small game in our house," she says. "I tell them: I know you like But come Po Mom's too cool, or ..?"
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