Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Moammar Khadafi Families demanded NATO to Court

moammar khadafi
Libya - Moammar Khadafi Families demanded NATO to the International Criminal Court (ICC). They accuse the North Atlantic defense alliance that committed war crimes and causing the death of the former Libyan leader.

"We reserve the right to call the International Criminal Court to investigate the whole incident from February 2011 to murder Gaddafi," said one family member Gaddafi, Marcel Ceccaldi dilaansir pages as CNN.

NATO has responded to Gaddafi's family demands. They said the military operation in Libya have been in line with UN Security Council resolution. NATO officials say there is no specific individual targets in their operations.

Previously, the ICC ordered the arrest of Gaddafi. Leaders called it true dictator planned to be brought to justice-related crimes against humanity. However, in reality, Khadafi died with tragic.

Currently, the ICC has also issued an arrest warrant Gaddafi son, Saif al-Islam and his half-brother, Abdullah al-Sanussi.
khadafi family

Death Gaddafi is still polemical. Because the video circulated when Gaddafi was arrested. The video showed Gaddafi was arrested in injured condition is severe, but still alive.

In such conditions, the troops joined in persecuting rebel groups Gaddafi. Until now, there has been no explanation related to that event.
moammar khadafi family
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