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Uruguay Beat Argentina in Quarterfinals Copa America 2011

SANTA FE - ARGENTINA - The Copa America 2011. Argentina bowed sluggish when Carlos Tevez missed a kick from 12 points in the shootout. Albiceleste Fans went home with heads bowed after Martin Caceres, the executor of the last stronghold of Uruguay, with no trouble goalkeeper Sergio Romero.

Albiceleste dreams become champions in public own dashed. A 1-1 draw during normal time and overtime, Lionel Messi et al should recognize the benefits of Uruguay by a shootout (5-6) in the quarterfinals of the Copa America on Sunday (17/07/2011).

Sergio Batista did not make many changes, by installing Lionel Messi as a playmaker and the duo Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero is a mainstay on the front lines.

Argentina had difficulty penetrating the back row of Uruguay in the first half. In fact, the team made by Oscar Tabares who more often mess up the back line Albiceleste.

uruguay elimination argentina
No wonder the World Cup semi-finalists last year succeeded in winning first with a goal by Diego Perez when the game has been running for five minutes. Diego Forlan Utilizing free kick from outside the box, header from Jose Martin Caceres almost driven goalkeeper Sergio Romero. However, Perez is able to grab the ball as well as bringing Uruguay 1-0.

Left behind by one goal as making Abiceleste stung. Messi et al begin to discover patterns and bombarding the best game to attack the opponent's defense area.

In 15 minutes trying to stab the back line Aguero Uruguay, through several players. However, the kick could be defeated goalkeeper Fernando Muslera.

The hosts finally equalized through Higuain. Messi took the ball from the right side and passed through Martin Caceres. Messi gave a long pass that dteruskan Higuain header nesting in the top corner Muslera.

Higuain is actually almost brought Argentina superior if his goal was disallowed by referee. Uruguay also experienced a similar fate, when the linesman raised the flag off side when the ball into the goal Caceres Romero.

Uruguay had to play with 10 players when Perez was given a red card in the 38th minute. Position 1-1 draw last until the first half ended.

Argentina attacks tend to fall early in the second half, although the coach did not make substitutions. Precisely balanced game entered the mid second half.

uruguay special moment
Messi in the 77th minute to give feedback to Higuain. But, again thwarting Muslera Real Madrid striker. Shortly turn Suarez who supplied the ball to Diego Forlan. Forlan dealing directly with Romero, but nevertheless fruitful goal kick.

10 versus 10 match occurs when the captain Javier Mascherano sent off after committing an offense to Suarez. Increasingly fierce fight ahead of the game ended.

However, despite creating many chances there is no winner until the normal time of 2 x 45 minutes ended. The match must be continued into extra-time of 2 x 15 minutes.

Pastore almost brought Argentina winning volley if it did not hit the goalpost. Likewise with kick Higuain who was wide on the goalposts.

The match had to be continued in the shootout because no additional goals are created all the extra time.

Messi, who became executor of the first successful trick Muslera. The fight is getting stronger mentally when the executor of the third, Carlos Tevez, failed to give a goal so that the position to be 2-2.

Meanwhile, five executor Uruguay, Forlan, Uruguay, Scutti, Gargano, and Caceres managed to repatriate Argentina by a score of 5-4 (on penalties).

Executor Penalty
Argentina: Messi, Burdisso, Tevez (failed), Pastore, Higuain
Uruguay: Forlan, Suarez, Scutti, Gargano, Caceres

Uruguay: Néstor Fernando Muslera, Diego Lugano, Victor Maximiliano Pereira, Mauricio Victorino, José Martín Caceres, Diego Pérez, Álvaro Pereira, Alvaro González, Egidio Arevalo, Martín Diego Forlan, Luis Suárez

Argentina: Sergio Germán Romero, Javier Zanetti, Gabriel Milito, Nicolas Burdisso, Javier Zabaleta Pablo Javier Mascherano, Fernando Gago, Sergio Agüero, Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Ángel Di María

argentina not luck
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