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Manchester City vs Manchester United in Community Shield

MANCHESTER - ENGLAND in Community Shield. August 7th, 2011, Manchester United will face Manchester City in derby duel Community Shield. Parties considered the Red Devils, this game like a preseason party.

Yes, the duel opening match of the Premier League will take place after The Citizens managed to win the FA Cup. That title, as well as a thirst eraser Blue team title of champion for 35 years.

manchester city vs manchester united
It seems, United will not take seriously the Community Shield match. Assistant coach Mike Phelan said, this match will be used to maintain the fitness of Wayne Rooney et al. "It makes no difference," said Phelan.

"It's very interesting, because the two clubs from Manchester will face each other. But we will try some new things. We have one week to prepare," said Sir Alex Ferguson's assistant cited footymad on Monday (08/01/2011).

As is known, United's defeat of the City in the FA Cup semifinals. "The defeat in the FA Cup semi-final match was disappointing. However, this is a new season," explained Phelan.

manchester united chants
"We'll play some new players to see, whether they are able to handle it. Manchester United's really like a challenge. You'll get it every day. Next week, will be different," he said.

Manchester derby presented at the Community Shield on 7 August. Despite facing rivals, Manchester United is likely to treat it as a trial match.

Premier League's opening match will be MU's first meeting with Manchester City since the defeat in the FA Cup semi-final a few months ago. At that time, the 'Red Devils' 0-1 defeat.

It recognized the painful defeat, but United would prefer to forget. Community Shield was called they would only be a mere dress rehearsal.

manchester united roster
"It makes no difference. Indeed, the game had a sense because there are two Manchester clubs are fighting. But we'll probably try a few things. We still have one week to get ready," said assistant manager Mike Phelan on ESPN Star.

"FA Cup semi-final was disappointing. But, this is a new season. We will see some new players to assess whether they are ready to face the league. That's what counts," said Phelan.

MU itself through a series of tests them well in the United States. English Premier League champions 19 times it was always win, including against Barcelona in Washington.

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