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Flag Day 2011 Celebration in United States

CORNING UNITED STATES Flag Day 2011 Celebration. Flag Day 2011 Celebration - The Corning Senior Center held a Flag Day celebration lunch on Tuesday that also served as a fundraiser.

Veterans of WWII Bucky Bowen spoke to the audience that filled the center on the meaning of the flag and the history of flag day.

"The Stars and Stripes, Flag of the United States of America, the world would hope for all who live freely in God and His will," Bowen said. "After the folds of American history is written -. The Epic of the mightiest and noblest in the whole story "

Flag Day was originally observed June 14, 1960 by President Woodrow Wilson, but it was not until 1961 in a ceremony at the Elks Lodge, it was officially recognized as a sponsored vacation, he said.

"I want the veterans of World War II to thank all of you to come back to expression," Bowen said. "I often feel that Flag Day is lost when it is carried out at ceremonies.

flag day activities
I'm glad so many of you here today. "

In his speech, Bowen said the Stars and Stripes was a new constellation, said in the western sky, symbolizing the divine right of everyone to life, liberty, happiness and peace among the talent of their creator, Bowen.

"For what man or woman enough to tell the story of the building where this nation to tell?" Bowen asked. "It is an immortal tale of blood and sweat, written in heroic deeds and hard work, to clarify the jungles

The flag and what it symbolizes, is the heritage of the people of the United States, he said.

flag day 2011
"It was repurchased by each succeeding generation and needs to be recovered, again and again until the end of time, so it will not pass as the ancient empires of Greece and Rome," Bowen said. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. What was won in Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill, Ticonderoga and Yorktown to be bought back."

It was again reached the high seas of war John Paul Jones and Commodore Perry on Lake Erie in the War of 1812. It was purchased in the attack on Pearl Harbor and Manila in 1941.

"What our troops under the Stars and Stripes in Chateau-Thierry and Flanders reached during the First World War their sons were required in the Second World War in the bloody journey through North Africa surrender of the bridgeheads in Europe and the Battle of the Bulge "Bowen said.

The price of freedom that our flag symbolizes was won on Iwo Jima, the Korean War, Vietnam, Grenada and Panama.

flag day parade
"Today, U.S. troops carry our flag in the villages of Iraq, the mountains of Afghanistan and the jungles of the Philippines, and anywhere there may be terrorism," Bowen said.

Bowen said he was glad the revival of patriotism to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

"Today we have the Star Spangled Banner, where again we see houses, shops, cars, billboards and even Solano Street, Corning have," Bowen said. "Such displays encourage our love for our nation and what it stands for. They remind us of the sacrifices made by men and women of our armed forces around the world. It is a tribute to the heroes of the police and firefighters, the nation ".

The biggest impact is the flag of their influence on the minds and hearts of millions, he said.

"It is an unprecedented advancement of a nation beckoned ..." Bowen said. "It's like a beacon for millions of poor and oppressed, and shelters served abroad as a promise that the under-privileged will not forget."

Bowen talked about how the meaning of the flag and has no definitive answer is different for everyone, adding that he feels, Woodrow Wilson said it best. "This flag, we honor and under which we serve is the emblem of our unity, our strength, our thoughts and the shape of this nation," said Wilson. "There is no other character than we give it from generation to generation. The possibilities are ours."

flag day 2011 parade
Only the true love of our fellow human beings can create peace and the emblem and a sign that love is the American flag, which also said that the symbol of the American way of life, Bowen.

Corning Senior Center Director Lin Lima Corning thanked the volunteer fire department, which depend not only a huge flag of their ladder, but gave the ham for dinner was a fundraiser.

"It helps us to keep the air and electricity," said Lima.

The Corning Senior Center is the last time effort, to pay for their utilities, she said.
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