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Apple iCloud iTunes on June 7, 2011

San Francisco - UNITED STATES for Apple iCloud iTunes. Apple iCloud iTunes In the past ten years, Apple has 99 cents to download standard unit of distribution of music. Now, Apple is reportedly ready to transform half try, seductive music fans songs online shop "in the cloud" rather than a hard drive. If the company helps icloud the masses to cloud-based services to meet embrace, to bend more than a decade of sliding music sales. This is a big "if", however, and much depends on the labels' willingness to change.

The shift from physical CDs to digital files is a mixed blessing for the music industry to the door to rampant online piracy both open promising new business models. The latter include subscription services for a monthly fee of $ 5 to $ 10, giving consumers unlimited access to an online library of songs they play but can not keep. Some of the biggest names in technology, including Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL have tried unsuccessfully to popularize music subscriptions, or new efforts to keep rising.

apple icloud itunes
icloud next from Apple including the online storage services recently by Google and Amazon, is a modest step. According to reports icloud invite users to move their music collections on their home computers to push servers on the network (along with other valuable information such as photos and digital videos). The point is to keep your entire collection available wherever you go as long as you have an iPhone, or other device can connect to the service icloud. There would be no need for transferring files to the device, they can be streamed over the network.

apple icloud june 7, 2011
By making music in more places and on multiple devices, such services are worth it. You also encourage people to think of music as something that they have access, rather than something they collect and carry. This is an important step towards a comprehensive monthly subscription service that not only have access to the tracks you bought, but millions of other recordings,.

Granted, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is no fan of subscription music services. It is also clear that even the major labels and music publishers, companies like Apple to offer cloud-based music lockers without weakening restrictions such as prohibiting the tracks that were not purchased from an online store to rent. Such restrictions to prevent piracy, but they can also cloud services to immune to the typical consumer.

The labels track record of new disability services with heavy anti-piracy provisions and huge up-front payments are not encouraging. But Apple has a success story to new music service work. With intelligent devices and proliferating broadband connections, maybe Apple's foray into the cloud will help the industry benefit from the opportunities in digital ultimately transition.

The Apple rumor mill is churning again the time of unfounded speculation that the company is rolling out music-streaming service at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on June 7 plans loops.

steve job
As always, these rumors are dead-on or total nonsense. It is difficult to tell the difference, because like many other companies, Apple declined to comment on rumors or speculation, plans for the future. We asked for his standard "no comment" and I hope soon to have an update on that front.

On speculation: As the NME (Thursday) and Electricpig (April 30) point out in their piece, the timing of the closure of Apple Lala 31st May, one week before Apple 7th June's WWDC event shows very well that it approve the plans to announce a new use for Lala's Code, the public eventually form the basis for a kind of Apple's music streaming service.

was a cloud-based iTunes, the update of encouraging people that are perfectly happy with their traditional iPods today to wireless-capable devices to improve iPhone OS to synchronize with the cloud of tomorrow, which will significantly increase Apple's profits and mobile market .

apple steve jobs
From June 7, Apple had more than six months service in the Lala a streaming version of iTunes that still work on already highly similar. Lala itself contains a mechanism for drawing numbers from a user of the local iTunes library in a locker in the cloud. If Apple can not figure out how to port these features in iTunes in six months, either it is something much more ambitious than Lala in spirit or something else might work Tag holds a cloud-based iTunes.

Still, until Apple actually announces its cloud-based streaming service are the top stories pure speculation, so here's a nugget of solid Apple / Lala news to chew on until we know more about:

WWDC 2011
Apple spokesman Jason Roth told that on May 31, when Lala offline flashes, all those thousands (millions? Billion? We do not want to speculate) of embedded Lala songs and playlists, including those on, Pitchfork and elsewhere in space.

Hey, at least Apple does not run all the space in bright orange ring tone ads something we still do not believe the audacity of MySpace imeem doing after his takeover.
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