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Storms and Tornadoes Attack St. Louis America Regions

ST. LOUIS - United States for Storms and Tornadoes. Storms and Tornadoes Attack St. Louis An accelerated fast-moving storm over the area around noon today, dumping rain and hail and knocking over trees and power lines.

Ameren Missouri reported about 60,000 customers on the Missouri side of St. Louis were without power about 3:30 pm, against a peak of about 68,000 just after the storm. About 11,000 Ameren Illinois customers were without electricity. Rescuers were reports of limbs, trees and power lines down have to do in the region.

In Granite City, said police Lt. Ray Takmajian there was major damage to limbs, trees, power lines and poles. A woman was slightly injured when a large branch fell, he said.

There was extensive damage to a company when the roof was taken and landed on a nearby house, 2301 Washington Street, said Takmajian. A few streets, Sunset Street and Ramona Avenue, were particularly hard hit, he said.

Straight line wind in the back of the union of a metal roof peeled Hall Brothers Lumber, like opening a sardine can, "said Dale Deck Elman, who works in sales. The roof covers an umbrella sheds, to the side, where wood was stored openly in the 500 block of North Washington Avenue. No one was hit in the storm in the late morning.

missouri weather
He estimated the building was 50 meters long and 20 meters wide and about 20 percent of the roof was withdrawn. Did he not lose the business of power and is open for business.

Visitors to the zoo in St. Louis were several buildings in the park when the storm blew throuth ushered in Forest Park. They were released but ordered back inside when a white-tailed deer ran on zoo grounds. The zoo staff is comforting to the deer.

At the Missouri Botanical Garden, uprooted trees damaged part of the Children's Garden, closed for the foreseeable future. The entire garden is secluded from the rest of the day.

Two workers on a demolition crew were injured when they tried to take a vacant building at 4256 West Aldine Avenue in St. Louis, and flew through the storm, according to police.

Authorities reported wires and branches in Wildwood, Ellisville, Creve Coeur, Florissant, and other parts of the region.

At a target store in Bridgeton, customers and employees on the back of the store for shelter when the storm passed. The lights went out, but later came back on. No one was injured, said a store employee.

At Maryville University, spent the whole day and evening classes canceled a power failure.

st. louis weather
Metrolink reported delays of 10-15 minutes by storm debris on tracks.

The National Weather Service says there is a threat of severe weather for the St. Louis by Wednesday.

The main threat is large hail and damaging winds. Heavy rainfall is likely. St. Louis has a number of obsolete storms on Thursday.

The National Weather Service says he's ready - several rounds of severe weather are possible for St. Louis Wednesday night.

A frontal boundary will remain over northern Missouri and central Illinois until Wednesday night, wound up as a low pressure area to our west approaches slowly to a halt.

This front will serve as a hub for several rounds of thunderstorms and the maintenance of moist air over a large part of the bi-state region.

While some thunderstorms are possible during the day, increasing storm chances heading into tonight and Wednesday, the center of the storm system solutions.

Any storms that form can not be stronger, but the best chance for severe weather on Wednesday afternoon and evening, where a widespread outbreak of severe thunderstorms expected.

Besides severe weather, locally heavy rain may cause increases in the area streams, creeks and rivers.

st louis weather
the storms with hail, strong winds and possible tornadoes on Central and Southeastern Europe, Missouri and southern Illinois to predict. The National Weather Service says conditions are very unstable and can produce tornadoes.

Ben Miller, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Weldon Spring, said it is likely that a strong wind and hail early Wednesday predawm hours or come in the near sunrise.

Miller said the tornado threat would be later in the day Wednesday, late afternoon and evening.

"I'm not saying there is no threat in the early morning hours Wednesday, but the greater threat during the afternoon. With both systems, we could have tornadoes," added Miller.
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