Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

American Dollar Get Long Term "Total Disaster"

UNITED STATES - American Dollar Get Long Term. The U.S. dollar is a "Total Disaster" in the long run because the country's position as the world's biggest debtor and policies by U. S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke should be pursued, investor Jim Rogers.

The Chinese yuan is probably a "safe" currency, although it is difficult to buy for investors, "said Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, a conference in Edinburgh.

"The situation is worse, and I expect to see problems in the U.S.," Rogers said today. "Dr. Bernanke does not understand the economy, they are not funding easier to understand, he sees only the printing of money and we can not four times the amount of money in the next crisis."

U.S. government bonds is currently 93 percent of gross domestic product, compared with 60 percent before the financial crisis and in the coming years.

american dollar
The dollar has fallen in recent years against every currency in a basket of 16 major currencies. The euro has gained roughly 7 percent against the dollar this year. It traded at $ 1.4311 03.20 hours in London.

"I expect more monetary turmoil, perhaps this fall and turbulence seen in 2013," said Rogers, the benefit of currencies and commodities. Rogers said that he is "long" the dollar because the market consensus is for the currency to fall.

Rogers said he was "short" Emerging Markets, excluding China and U.S. technology stocks as a hedge against his other positions.

"Bonds in the U.S. in a bull market for 30 years," said Rogers. "In my eyes an end." "I'm not short selling of bonds at the moment," because it is expected that 95 percent of the market they sink, he said.

jim rogers
Rogers said he could not predict when the bull market in commodities will end. "I know to look for the sign," he said. "I hope I'm smart enough to recognize them."

"Large capacity" will be in agriculture and alternative energy like solar and wind energy in the coming years, "says Rogers.
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seleb-online mengatakan...

makin lama dollar makin anjlok nih, bete lihat y gan

seleb-online mengatakan...

tapi dollar yg ngamparnya buat ane aja gan, hehehe

Daily News mengatakan...

@seleb-online : Iya nih gan ... tenang aja besok pake pounds :) :) :)

e-news mengatakan...

nice info :)

TEKINFO mengatakan...

pake dollar zimbabwe aja...

Daily News mengatakan...

@e-news : Yes thank you friend ... :) :) :)
@TEKINFO : Yes i think so ... :) :) :)

seleb-online mengatakan...

wkwkwkwkwwk ketularan... mau beli ponds juga tuh dollar

wanitaindonesia-ifs mengatakan...

duh jangan anjlok terus dong dollarnya

Daily News mengatakan...

@seleb-online : Yes I want to buy pounds friend :) :) :)
@wanitaindonesia-ifs : Enjoy friend. The American Stock is so high :) :) :)

seleb-online mengatakan...

what???? are you sure want buy pounds :p

Ikada News mengatakan...

wowwwwwwwwwww jozzzzzzzzzz

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